Enjoying the Journey to Success

Family Liaison Officer

My name is Julie Martin and I am the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) here at Brunswick House.

My role is to help parents and carers ensure that their children can be happy, learn and flourish at our school. I am able to assist if you should need to contact the school nurse, education welfare officer, Citizens Advice (regarding housing, benefit etc), bereavement counselling etc. Essentially, if you should have a concern or issue of any sort, whether personal or school related, then I am a listening ear!

The work that I do in school is completely impartial and confidential and, liaising with all school staff, I will always have the best interests of children and their families at the core of what I do.

I also have a strong art background and am able to offer support for children through drawing and talking which helps them enormously through stressful times.

My aim is to be fully accessible to children and their families’ and I can be contacted via the school office or by telephone on 01622 752102, or email: flo@brunswick-house.kent.sch.uk. I am also generally at the school doors each morning to welcome the children into school.