Enjoying the Journey to Success

Head Boy and Head Girl

Hi I am Bobby, 

I am really amazed and proud to be voted as Head Boy and really looking forward to representing the school with Milly.

My real passion is music.  I play the trumpet, piano and drums and I love to enter the school's talent show, Brunswick’s Got Talent.  I also play in concerts at Invicta Grammar School.

As well as my interest in music, I am on the school’s football team.  I believe I can help children at Brunswick to get the most out of their years, not just by doing their school work, but by doing as many different activities as possible.

If children have any problems they can come to me, I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Let’s have a fab year!!

Bobby Head Boy  







Hello my name is Milly. 

I am in Year 6 Rochester class.  I was lucky enough to be voted as Head Girl in September 2017 to July 2018.

I feel I will be a great role model for my fellow pupils.  I have been on the school council, holding debates and sorting out problems.  I help to run lunch time monitors.  I love guiding the younger years around the school, helping them and watching them grow in confidence.  I am in the chess club and love musical theatre and contemporary dance.

Whilst being Head Girl I will try to lead this school to be the best in Kent and more, that is what our school deserves.  I will try my hardest to make sure that everyone follows the school values and knows what they mean.

I will make sure that the children’s rights are being respected and everybody’s voice is heard, child or teacher.

I look forward to fulfilling my position as Head Girl.

Milly Head Girl