Enjoying the Journey to Success

Head Boy and Head Girl

Callum - Head Boy

Hello, I’m Callum.

I’m proud to have been chosen by the children and staff of Brunswick House to be
the head boy for 2020-21. I am looking forward to taking up this role and working
with the staff, governors and pupils of our school.
As well as my role as Head Boy, I’m also a sports ambassador, so I’m very lucky to
be chosen for multiple responsibilities. I enjoy playing football and exploring
opportunities in the music industry. I’m very good at maths and English.
As a person, I think I am very fair-minded; I always try to make a good decision for
everyone and to resolve any problem in the quickest and fairest way. If there’s an
issue, I will make sure that no one is hurt or upset and that everybody feels
listened to.
We can do anything if we work together!


Charlotte - Head Girl

Hello, my name is Charlotte.

I am honoured to be your head girl for this academic year (2020-21). I am
particularly excited to be working with the children, staff and governors of this
school to make it an even better place and ensure every pupil has the most
wonderful learning experiences.
I myself love to do sports and to help people with anything they need. I’m a keen
actor and singer; I have played Annie in the school musical and I was a part of the
school choir that went to the Young Voices celebration at the O2 in London, in
2020. I also love swimming and playing football with my friends.
I will always be the best role model I can be to others and I will always think
before I act so I don’t make any unmindful decisions. I look forward to helping my
peers and teachers throughout my year as head girl.
Together, we can achieve and overcome anything!