Enjoying the Journey to Success

Head Boy and Head Girl

Nathan - Head Boy

Hi, my name is Nathan.  I am very proud to take on this role from 2018-2019.  I believe as Head boy I will make the important changes needed to make Brunswick a better place!

I love my sports and I play for the school football team as well as Maidstone FC.  I play quite a few instruments as well.  (Especially the drums)!

I am looking forward to all the jobs I will be doing during the year.  I will make sure that every voice will be heard to make decisions and and I can't wait to start!

So lets make this as exciting as possible, together.

Come On Brunswick!

Emily - Head Girl

I am very pleased and proud to have been voted head girl and am very much looking forward to working with Head Boy Nathan as well as teachers and pupils.

I have always enjoyed school life and I feel passionate about helping others to enjoy their time at school too.  I hope that students will feel comfortable coming to me for help and I will always be there for them.

Within school I am also an online safety ambassador and a peer mediator.  I have also been part of the school council whilst I was in Year 2.  I love playing football for the school's girls' team.

Outside of school I love working with animals and regularly participate in London zoo academies, cleaning out and feeding animals.  My favourites are the spider monkeys, who love being stroked!

I am passionate about sport and enjoy Kung Fu and playing football for Maidstone United FC.

My favourite thing at home is reading, particularly The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings books and the Deptford Mice trilogy.  I love to write my own stories and illustrate them.  I also love board games, my favourite is Mysterium!

I am really looking forward to the coming year and working with the school.