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Musical Theatre

Due to the school closure, Musical Theatre will not be able to run as an after school club.  However, the show must go on!    When school returns to normal a new date will be arranged for The Castaways to be performed. 

In the meantime, please practise the songs which have been uploaded to this webpage.  The performance recording includes all the dialogue of the show.  The songs/music appear in order - as follows and can be found by scrolling along to the exact time written in brackets.  Miss Feast is in the process of editing the script and notification will be given when it has been uploaded to this site.  

Click here to download the mp3. It will open in dropbox where you can listen to it or click the download link to keep it yourself.

If you have any queries relating to music, please contact Miss Feast at:  music@brunswick-house.kent.sch.uk

Thank you and keep safe.

The Castaways Performance Recording

1.  Overture    (00.00-02.48)

2.  A Home Within Our Heart - Excerpt (3.02-3.27)

3.  The Castaways (8.14-11.00)

4.  The Castaways Tag (12.37-12.54)

5.  Shoe Shine Song (13.58-15.38)

6.  Shoe Shine Tag (17.05-17.12)

7.  The Milky Way (21.00-24.07)

8.  The Milky Way Tag (24.28-24.48)

9.  Trickster's Tune (27.14-29.15)

10.  Trickster's Tune Tag (31.10-31.19)

11.  The Getaway (33.08-34.54)

12.  The Getaway Tag (36.02-36.11)

13.  Little Child (39.40-41.44)

14.  Little Child Tag (41.55-42.05)

15.  Train Sound Effect (43.53-44.06)

16.  Choose Me (44.25-46.27)

17.  A Home Within Our Heart (47.11-51.10)

18.  Curtain Call Music (51.11-52.13)